Document Downloads

1. For prospective patients

These downloadable PDF documents are specifically for prospective patients of the clinic. They may prove to be useful means of helping you during your first consultation, by providing you with an idea of the sort of questions that might be asked at this time. You do not have to complete them, but in so doing, you may find that they help you to define your condition more effectively.

Patient Questionnaire

Pain Evaluation

Additional for Women

Gynaecological Charts

2. From the web pages

What is Acupuncture?

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Who and Why?

Your First Visit

Achieving Wellbeing:

Food for thought

Food as medicine

T’ai Chi and Qigong

3. Pregnancy and Birth

Acupressure in labour

Guidelines for using Moxa

Nausea management during pregnancy

Optimal Foetal Positioning

4. Traditional Chinese Medicine - Foods and Recipes

Blood Deficiency:

Food for Blood Deficiency

Recipes for Blood Deficiency


Food for Cold


Food for Resolving Dampness

Recipes for Resolving Dampness


Food for Clearing Heat

Qi Deficiency:

Foods for Qi Deficiency

Recipes for Qi Deficiency

Yang Deficiency:

Food for Yang Deficiency

Recipes for Yang Deficienty

Yin Deficiency:

Foods for Yin Deficiency

Recipes for Yin Deficiency

Postnatal Recovery:

Diet for Postnatal Recovery