Patient Testimonials

Suzanna attended the clinic for sciatica and lower back pain

I came to the Iffley Acupuncture Clinic with severe sciatica, after my GP sent me away untreated and told me to come back in 10 days if it’s not gone. After only a few acupuncture treatments the sciatica was gone and I stayed on for more treatments to improve my general health. The acupuncture, in combination with the weekly T’ai Chi/Qigong class has made a huge difference to my life and has very much changed my attitude towards health, diet and lifestyle. Acupuncture is not a ‘quick fix’ if one is looking to improve general health, but I feel it is a worthwhile investment, as it not only focuses on the physical side of things, but the effect a busy life, stress and therefore a tired mind has on our bodies.


Stephen first visited the clinic for acute chest pain

I first visited JB with a badly inflamed intercostal muscle. I was unable to draw breath without pain. My GP told me that nothing could be done and it would gradually improve over a period of six weeks. JB treated me and I was pain free the next morning. That was my first experience acupuncture. I remain convinced of its benefits because it is clear to me that it recognizes the interconnectedness of everything; it treats the whole being rather than merely smothering the symptom to the eventual detriment of all the vital organs.


Rebecca attended the clinic for anxiety and depression

I first went to Jonathan because I was suffering from bouts of intense anxiety and depression. I’d already tried all sorts of other approaches, including anti-depressant medication. Within a few months, I started to see the benefits of the treatments. Not only did they help with the depression and anxiety, but I experienced other improvements in my health, including improving my menstrual cycle. Jonathan’s treatments have made an immense difference to my moods, and have helped me to get through a difficult period of my life. I can honestly say that I’ve been happier and calmer in the last year than I’ve ever been before, and this is due in large part to the acupuncture.


Laura attended the clinic for stress and jaw tension

I was working in a stressful environment at work and developed a stiff and painful jaw, which was recurring pain on a daily basis. With acupuncture it has not only almost eradicated the pain, but it has helpful my overall sense of well being and helped me manage a busy life in much more of a laid back way.

The pain was due to stress and this also meant that my menstrual cycle was not regular, again with acupuncture and my overall sense of harmony being much more positive, it has regulated my period.

I would definitely recommend acupuncture to anyone, it’s definitely helped me and has made me realise that you should never let a busy job get to you! Controlling your stress levels is very important and with meditation and acupuncture you can.


Cornelia attended the clinic for acute back pain

Here are a few reflections on what acupuncture has done for me! I first came to Jonathan on the advice of my osteopath because of a recurring condition of acute spasmodic back pains, which came on with out apparent cause and did not respond to treatment or pain killers. The pain usually lasted for about 36 hours. I have not had a recurrence of these pains for over two years now.

An unexpected benefit of acupuncture – and this happened after only a few sessions – was better sleep and the lifting of the kind of anxiety by which sleepless hours are so often beset – children, aging parents, money, old age, house repairs, bad memories etc etc. These anxieties had become part of my waking life too, and their fading felt little short of miraculous.

Jonathan begins his sessions by discussing one’s general health and well-being. On one session I told him that I had been given a strong antibiotic during a hospital visit and that I had cystitis for the first time in my life. During his treatment he applied some needles at points he said were very effective for cystitis. Within an hour all symptoms had gone and have never recurred.

I believe that acupuncture has strengthened my general health and immune system and increased my energy levels and sense of well-being.


Mirjana attended the clinic for migraine headaches

Over the last three years I have experienced frequent and extremely severe headaches (migraines). During this time I have regularly visited a Variety of GP’s, a neurologist and have been prescribed a cocktail of tablets and injections, none of which have been effective.

Over the last three months I have been visiting Mr Jonathan Bruce, initially weekly, to receive acupuncture treatment. Within a few weeks both the severity and frequency of my headaches eased. During the last eight weeks, I have been free of all headaches.

I would strongly recommend acupuncture as a real alternative to drug based treatments.


Kellie attended the clinic for dizziness

I was experiencing sudden episodes of vertigo that left me feeling vulnerable and frightened. I was frustrated by my experience with the NHS, my doctor simply prescribed tablets to ease the nausea I felt after an episode, rather than addressing the cause of my condition. A friend recommended I try acupuncture and I found the Iffley Acupuncture Clinic by chance on the internet.

I started a treatment of acupuncture with Jonathan and continued having regular weekly sessions over the course of 18 months. Because of this, my energy levels increased dramatically, I suffered from periodic migraines, they disappeared and I haven’t had an episode of vertigo since I finished treatment, which was a couple of years ago.

Jonathan helped me through a very difficult period in my life and showed me how to emotionally manage and cope with the episodes in an effective way. I often wonder what my experience of acupuncture would have been like if Jonathan wasn’t my practitioner, it’s hard for me to separate the two; my healing has involved a good dose of both of these. I am grateful to him.


Helen attended the clinic for ME or Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Jonathan’s expertise and experience make him an accomplished and trust-worthy acupuncturist/therapist/healer. I knew I was in safe hands and his thoughtful and attentive care, not only bought me back to health but taught me how to look after myself better.


Abi attended the clinic anxiety and allergy reactions

I came to visit Jonathan 6 months ago after a series of trips to the hospital with severe allergy (anaphylaxis). I also have a long history of psoriasis, asthma and anxiety and was getting nowhere with the ‘sticking plaster’, quick-fix approach of conventional medicine. I had had success in the past with Chinese herbs as a cure for psoriasis, so when I received a recommendation from a friend that I visit Jonathan, I was open to the idea.

Before seeing Jonathan, I was having allergic attacks on a weekly basis and my anxiety was at an all time high. Since my first visit to Jonathan I have not had any allergy, not even an itch. I visit Jonathan once a week for acupuncture (which Mum told me I’d never manage as I hate needles). The acupuncture is a real pleasure and it’s refreshing for all my complaints to be viewed as a holistic problem rather than having all my itches and wheezes dealt with separately and in isolation from my anxiety.

My allergies are now a thing of the past and I now feel that I am dealing well with pressures at work and at home, despite a new job.


Rian came to the clinic for help with chronic migraines

I would recommend Jonathan to anyone who is struggling with headache or migraine as he has virtually cured me of my migraines, which has been nothing short of a miracle. I’ve been a migraine sufferer since the age of 7 and I contacted Jonathan in 2006 out of sheer desperation. I was then 34 and my migraines had been getting progressively worse over time to the point that my work and social life were seriously affected – I was experiencing headaches everyday from waking and the end of one migraine only seemed to merge into the next. I was on daily medication from my doctor, and had been for the past few years, but after a while they’d stopped working, and I’d even tried a series of different drugs. The drugs in themselves made me sluggish and psychologically didn’t help. I’d been referred to the migraine clinic, I’d had brain scans, I’d researched endlessly into self-help remedies and experimented with cutting out all possible triggers. Nothing seemed to help and I found it difficult to imagine ever being headache free.

Jonathan seemed optimistic he could help though, and I began a course of acupuncture every week to start with which then became a regular once a month session. Within a year with Jonathan’s support I was able to come off my medication, and over the course of two years, I have become virtually headache free. I now only suffer a headache or a mild migraine once every few months and at least now I can put a finger on a specific cause. I have never in my life felt this free. As a result, my quality of life has improved immensely and I am a totally different person, brighter, optimistic and happier. I’m able to get on with my life. Having had the acupuncture has been one thing, but holistically speaking I should say it’s also been Jonathan’s grounding energy, his calm, caring and gentle manner, his reassurances and his believing in me and that he could help that I’m confident has helped me get to where I am today.


K attended the clinic for habitual miscarriage

Jonathan was recommended to me by a friend. I had experienced multiple miscarriages and was looking to explore acupuncture in relation to this problem. I found Jonathan very thoughtful and considered. He really listened to me and genuinely seemed interested in my “story”. After each session I felt more relaxed and also energised. I fell pregnant a few months into treatment and continued the acupuncture during the pregnancy. Everything went well with the pregnancy and the delivery. We used acupressure during the early stages of labour, which Jonathan recommended and which definitely provided good pain relief. I feel also that the acupuncture sessions just before the baby was due helped to prepare my body for labour and I am sure contributed to a smooth, 1 1/2 hour labour. I would definitely recommend Jonathan and his acupuncture treatment to anyone in a similar situation to me.


Georgina used the clinic for support in pregnancy, child birth and post natal care

I originally investigated acupuncture as a potential source of pain relief during labour. This was my first pregnancy, and although I was happy to use western medicine for pain relief, I liked the idea of being able to pursue an alternative for myself before labour, rather than just waiting until my pain meant that I needed drugs. Jonathan gave me a package of care that energised me, gave me a sense of well-being and more importantly I believe prepared my body and my baby for labour and birth.

I embarked upon a course of treatment six weeks before my daughter was born. Initially, weekly visits gave emphasis to my general health and well-being as I was fatigued from the effects of pregnancy, full time work and mild anaemia. Treatment had a positive effect and as the weeks passed I found myself with more energy and a sense of good health which enabled me to be more active personally and to take on a more active and positive approach to labour.

As my gestation period drew to a close, Jonathan’s treatment focused on preparing me and the baby for labour – his approach emphasised coaxing the baby in to a good position for birth, and encouraging the baby’s head to engage. Jonathan also taught me and my partner acupressure points which allowed us to take an active role in encouraging labour to start, and others which could be used for relaxation and pain relief.

The birth of my daughter came naturally after a three hour labour, using acupressure, TENS and Entenox for pain relief. Happily I did not require any medical intervention.

My treatment with Jonathan has continued since the birth, reducing over four weeks to one visit per fortnight. I think this continued treatment has had a very positive contribution to my quick physical and emotional recovery from the birth. Throughout the whole experience, I have benefited from Jonathan’s determination to treat me holistically. Rather than focusing on pain relief, his treatments aimed to get me well, and keep me well, before during and after birth.


Paul attended the clinic for treatment of Bells’s Palsy

I’d never thought of being treated by an acupuncturist until one day I suddenly and unexpectedly suffered the effects of Bell’s Palsy – almost complete paralysis of one side of my face. Whilst this condition can get better on its own, this can take months and conventional medicine can do little to hasten this, however I discovered that some studies and anecdotal evidence suggested that acupuncture could help speed recovery. Wishing a rapid recovery from this unpleasant condition, I sought a local acupuncturist and was recommended Jonathan Bruce by a friend who had experienced good results from his treatment for another condition. When I initially saw Jonathan, he took the details of my symptoms and clearly explained how he was going to proceed and made me feel at ease, despite my unfamiliarity with acupuncture. After the first few treatments I noticed a dramatic improvement in my condition and shortly after each treatment realised I could move parts of my face that I hadn’t been able to before. After about 3 weeks I had made an almost complete recovery, but I decided to continue to be treated by Jonathan on a less frequent basis for quite a while longer, as I had noticed that my overall feeling of well-being, both physically and mentally, had improved after his treatments. A few years later I suffered another attack of Bell’s Palsy, and again sought treatment from Jonathan, again successfully. I have also been treated by Jonathan for other conditions, such as back ache and depression, with some success. I would thoroughly recommend Jonathan as a professional, yet empathetic practitioner.